A Different Anniversary

This is not the kind of anniversary I ever wanted to acknowledge. One year ago today you left this earth to be with our Father in Heaven. I look back on this past year and sometimes wonder where the year went. It seems like just yesterday we experienced this tragic event. (I replayed it in my mind all day today.) Then sometimes I think about it and how the days have been so painfully long without you this past year . Never again will they be the same. I have been told that time heals all wounds and things will get easier. I hope that is so. The “firsts” of everything have  been tough on all of us. The support of our family and friends has been outstanding. They are always here for us. Going on retreat this summer helped  to put my life back on track . I feel like I have a purpose in life again. If that is part of the wounds healing then I guess what I’ve heard  is true. But like our two precious daughters, I am still very much broken inside. I still find myself hearing news and immediately thinking that I have to call and tell you. Then reality sinks in and so does more heartache.  

We have kept your memory alive this past year. Friends and family still send you messages on Facebook .They still tell stories about you . You are still making people laugh. I will write that book about your funniest stories. I promise. They have to stay in the family and be retold for generations to come. That’s part of your legacy. 

I know you are finding eternal joy in Heaven. You have no more afflictions. I am elated for you.  You deserve it.

I love you and  send you thousands of kisses. Somehow, I know you’re receiving each one of them and smiling that special “Randy smile” you always had. 

See you in my dreams, (keep em coming!)



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  1. Laurie Kolp
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 17:32:25

    How beautifully this is written, Connie…straight from the heart I can tell. I must admit I got a little teary-eyed myself, but am so happy you are all keeping Randy’s memory alive through FB and your future book. Hope school is going well for you.


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