An Email Worth Reading

How many times have we received emails that we couldn’t delete fast enough because it wasn’t worth reading? I’m sure, just as I have, more times than we care to remember.  But every now and then an email comes along that is worth keeping and even passing on. I received one not very long ago that struck a clear message with me. It made me take time out of a busy day to reflect on what I had in my life and to question whether I was doing the right thing. The email was a Powerpoint that related  how sometimes we underestimate what we have, always in search for something better. Although there is nothing wrong with having goals in your life, it can be wrong if someone or something is sacrificed because of it. Have you ever known anyone who searched for something better, their treasure, if you will, at the expense of their spouse, their children, their family, or even their good health? They are so ready to throw out what God has given them in exchange for some thing on their list of what makes them successful in their eyes. The things money can’t buy is indeed our most precious treasure. It is our true gifts from God. It’s too late to find that out once our loved one is gone from this earth.

Having experienced a great loss less than a year ago, I wondered if I had taken the time to appreciate my life with my husband. I am relieved and happy to say that I did. I didn’t take what we had together for granted. I have all these memories to cherish now because of it. 

As I work on my books and about ready to begin a new school year, I want to take time out of each day to talk to my family and see how their own lives are going. I have to remember that life is not all about me. So I will close this now and check on one daughter who is feeling sick from her pregnancy and call the other to see how she is doing .  

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laurie Kolp
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 18:43:25

    Very true, Peggy…and well written. I wish someone dear to me could read this and take it in, but so many times people who need this reminder are too far into their self-absorbed thinking to fully comprehend its message. Perhaps I will tuck it away and save it for a time when her ears are opened for help.


  2. pclement
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 14:09:06

    Thanks, Laurie. You are right. Sometimes people won’t hear it until their ears are open because they need help.


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