New Endeavor-Cut, Cut, Cut!

I am beginning another book this week. This time I am writing a picture book for ages 4-8. Thank goodness I am taking an online writing class for picture book writing. It’s allowing me to work in steps, and the instructor is offering feedback along the way. Writing a picture book seems easy because it’s not a lot of pages and a lot of words. In reality, that’s what makes it challenging. It has to fit the correct format and the appropriate vocabulary for that age group. The illustrations should tell the action.   I am used to elaborating through words and feelings so I find myself having to reread and cut  much of what I have written. I think if I can get in the swing of writing picture books I will really like it.  I just have to learn to be a woman of few words. But come to think of it,  a friend just told me I was a woman of few words so maybe this will work out afterall. 🙂)


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  1. Jess
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 19:46:34

    I’m taking a class in early August on how to create book trailers. That ought to be fun … and totally over my head! Are you going to the conference in North Texas? Just wondering.

    Are you planning to take Wendy’s class at Lamar? I sure wish I could. 😦 If we still had our apartment over there I would.


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