Take a spoon, a box, and a hat. What do you get?

I heard that today’s children are losing their sense of make-believe because of the time spent in front of the television or playing video games. I thought about how sad that is. I remember when I was a child having so much time for playing make-believe to occupy my time. Fast forward to having my own daughters.Even though they had many toys to play with, they loved using their imaginations when playing. My daughter was telling me just last week that she used to  love when we got things in large boxes because they could pretend the box was so many things.   Imaginations also spark creativity. Could  that be  why my daughters are interested and talented in the arts? The report went on to say that these children who spend so much time  in front of television tend to do worse in school. It also stifles their ability to be creative problem solvers.  I believe that. As a teacher of thirty-one  years I have seen how children have changed over the years. They are so used to being visually  occupied, in my opinion, that teachers need to do the same almost just to keep the attention of their students. Don’t get me wrong. I believe television and technology are important, but like everything, it should be in moderation. Parents who allow their children to have the television, computer, and video games as the baby-sitter is doing a disservice to their children. That’s my soapbox for today.


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  1. debra
    Jan 21, 2010 @ 18:18:58

    I loved boxes also as a child. I remember we got a new icebox and made a club house out of the box it came in. My sisters and I painted it and glued flower pedals to it. Cut out windows and thumb tacked cloth up for curtains. Try doing something like that with a kid today.


  2. jess
    Jan 21, 2010 @ 20:46:20

    I loved playing paperdolls. I made my own. I’d cut them out of old catalogs. But that was only when I was trapped in the house. I spent most of my time outside. My daughter used to play ‘library’– she’d take our books and make library cards for them and her friends would check them out, then check them back in again. My stepson who will be 30 next month remembers how I let him hall my Idaho potatoes all around the house in his little yelllow truck. One of his favorite memories, he says. It doesn’t take alot to keep kids happy. I really think parents and kids lead very seperate lives these days.


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