So Much Planning, A Wedding, A New Son-in law

Our older daughter was married on Saturday. There were seven months of planning and preparing for the big day. Like a blur, the day came and went. I find myself looking back on it, trying to remember  bits and pieces of the night. I will be happy when the video and pictures are in so that I can get somewhat of a second look at the night and to see what was happening when we were “behind the scenes”.  It turned out to be a lovely wedding. Mindy was a beautiful bride and  Lacey was a beautiful Maid of Honor. It did have some sad moments without my husband being there , but I believe other than that the wedding was just what Mindy and Jed envisioned. I have gained a son-in-law through it all. He loves Mindy unconditionally and is going to make her a wonderful husband.  I am really happy about that. 


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  1. Linda G.
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 13:45:16

    Peggy,i think you have done an exceptional job with everything you have endured in the past couple of years ! You have had a lot on your plate and knew just how to handle it . Just continue being happy and concentrate on yourself now , and have fun !! Every one has said how beautiful the Wedding was ,that must make you feel great ,cause you had a lot to do with it .You had Randy to guide you and he was there every step of the way and he still is !! Smile God loves you !! Linda G.


  2. pclement
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 15:03:50

    Thanks Linda. I do want to concentrate on myself now. I have to get back to my writing and back to work in a few weeks. Love you!


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