A Gift in Disguise

I heard it said yesterday on a Christian radio station that homeless people are really a gift to us in disguise from God. When I first heard the words I thought it  sounded rather odd. But then the radio announcer went on to explain that it is really our opportunity to show mercy, compassion, and love to a fellow child of God. I was reminded of years back when my older daughter was young. We were stopped at a traffic light and there was a homeless person on the side of the road holding a sign asking for money. I rolled down my window and gave him some.  My daughter asked me how I knew if that person was really poor or if he was faking it. I told her I did not know at all, but that I gave it to help him out just as God ask us to do for the least of our brothers. It wasn’t for me to judge. I told her if he wasn’t honest then it was between him and God, but I had given him the money to help him out.  She then said, “Oh, that makes sense. ” I remember it felt good to know I had helped a stranger. The words of the announcer started to make perfect sense after that. I guess they really can be a gift from God in disguise. Maybe that’s why I enjoy dropping change in the red kettles at this time of year almost every time I see one. I know that my change may go to help keep a homeless person warm on a cold winter’s night.  That’s the least I can do.


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