Thirty Days Of Thankfulness- Day Thirty-One(?)

Looking back over my old posts last night I noticed that I had two days posted as Day Eleven. So actually yesterday completed my thirty days of thankfulness. Today will be a little “lagniappe”(something extra).  We received snow for the second year in a row yesterday. That just doesn’t happen in southeast  Texas. It is sort of fitting, however,  because today I was going to be thankful for God’s beauty all around us. If we look at the news we hear so much of the sad and ugly things happening around us. But if we take a step back we will see just how much beauty God has given to the world. From the smallest of animals to the majestic  mountains, to the “painted” colors of the sky, his beauty is all around us. Watching the snow fall yesterday was just another wonder of beauty that I rarely get to experience.  God have given us so much. I feel truly blessed  and thankful to be alive to appreciate it all.


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  1. Lacey
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 21:35:42

    It’s true. God gives us so many incredible, amazing blessings that we just take for granted. We get so used to the little things in life that we forget just how majestic they are. God’s beauty is truly beyond amazing! 🙂


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