Thirty Days Of Thankfulness- Day Twenty-Nine

I am thankful that I joined the social networking site, Facebook. At first I thought I would just be conversing with coworkers and friends of my daughters. It has turned out to be so much more. I made contacts with friends from high school whom I had not seen or spoken to in over thirty years. It is so nice to speak with them again, find out where they are living, and see pictures of them, their spouses, children, and yes, even grandchildren. Facebook kept my husband occupied in the same way when he was no longer able to work but felt well enough some days to sit at the computer. He loved reuniting with old friends and I am so glad he was able to do that before passing. A couple of his friends made contact with me after his funeral and we have remained friends. One has become a very special Facebook friend. (Love ya Linda!) We keep Randy’s Facebook page active. It gives us a place to write to him and feel  closeness. Some of his friends and relatives do the same. Mindy, Lacey, and I find it comforting to read the comments to him. For this I am thankful.


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