Thirty Days Of Thankfulness- Day Eight

Today I want to honor the friends of Mindy and Lacey. I feel so blessed that I never had to worry about the friends our girls were hanging around. They always chose friends who  had a good upbringing and who also had a sense of morals and values. I never had to face them being in trouble with the law or worse that some parents have had to endure. Their friends were there for them in every way when they lost their dad this summer. I know that helped comfort Mindy and Lacey as much as it could. Some of their friends have become very close family friends through the years. Randy and I always loved having them over. So, to all their friends, I say, “Thank-you for being there for my daughters, and thank-you for being the person you are. God Bless.”


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  1. Mindy
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 04:26:19

    We are VERY blessed to have the friends that we do. They are more FAMILY to us than friends and have been the biggest support system to us throughout this difficult time. So to all of you.. You KNOW who you are.. Thank you. I love you all.


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