Thirty Days of Thankfulness-Day Three

Today, I am very grateful for my parents. As a young child and then a teenager, I hated that they were so strict on my sisters and me. Some of their ways of viewing things seemed so outdated. Part of that is because ,honestly,they actually were outdated, but the other part  was because I was not old enough to understand  where they were coming from. I didn’t understand the fear and need a parent has for keeping their child safe from harm, for instilling morals and values, and for understanding the meaning of family unity. It wasn’t until I became a parent myself that these things started to make more sense to me. And while I still believe their viewpoints could have been a little more laxed, I have come to realize that they parented the best way they knew how according to the way they themselves had been brought up.  I believe it is through my upbringing (with a little bit of tweaking) that Randy and I were able to raise two wonderful daughters who, Praise God, have been kept safe from harm, have morals and values, and have a deep understanding of family unity.  Thank-you Mother and Daddy. I love you both.


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  1. Mindy
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 05:06:35

    You are blessed with wonderful parents… just like Lacey and I are. We are the way we are bc of you and daddy… If we are “great” kids.. it is bc we had “great” parents. Thank you for raising us in the close, loving, christian home that you did. Jed and I can only HOPE to be half the parents you and daddy were to me and Lacey. I love you.


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